UNICTACORP is a company governed under the Canada Business Corporations Act - 3 May 2021 (Monday), whose mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more in the economic sector. We strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every country around the world. Our platforms and tools help drive small business productivity, large business competitiveness, and public-sector efficiency. We are creating the tools and platforms that deliver better, faster, and more effective solutions to support new startups, improve educational and health outcomes, and empower human ingenuity.

UNICTACORP is innovating and expanding our entire portfolio to help people and organizations overcome today’s challenges and emerge stronger. We bring technology and products together into experiences and solutions that unlock value for our customers.

In a dynamic environment, digital technology is the key input that powers the world’s economic output. Our ecosystem of customers and partners have learned that while hybrid work is complex, embracing flexibility, different work styles, and a culture of trust can help navigate the challenges the world faces today. Organizations of all sizes have digitized business-critical functions, redefining what they can expect from their business applications. Customers are looking to unlock value while simplifying security and management. From infrastructure and data, to business applications and collaboration, we provide unique, differentiated value to customers.

We are building a distributed computing fabric – across cloud and the edge – to help every organization build, run, and manage mission-critical workloads anywhere. In the next phase of innovation, artificial intelligence (“AI”) capabilities are rapidly advancing, fueled by data and knowledge of the world. We are enabling metaverse experiences at all layers of our stack, so customers can more effectively model, automate, simulate, and predict changes within their industrial environments, feel a greater sense of presence in the new world of hybrid work, and create custom immersive worlds to enable new opportunities for connection and experimentation.


Founded in the modern era, we develop and support software, services, devices, and solutions that deliver new value for customers and help people and businesses realize their full potential in the global financial stream.


Dear Shareholders, Colleagues, Customers, and Partners of Unicta Corporation; the world glides through a period of historic economic, societal, and geopolitical change. The world in 2022 looks nothing like the world in 2019. As we write this, inflation is at a 40-year high, supply chains are stretched, coupled with distinctive economic imbalances the globe over. At the same time, we are entering a technological era with the potential to power awesome advancements across every sector of our economy and society. Being top company in the face of the economic community, this places us at a historic intersection of opportunity and responsibility to the world around us.

Our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more has never been more urgent or more necessary. For all the uncertainty in the world, one thing is clear: People and organizations in every industry are increasingly looking to digital technology to overcome today’s challenges and emerge stronger, and no company is better positioned to help than Unicta Corporation..

Every day this past fiscal year, we have had the privilege to witness our customers use our platforms and tools to connect what digitalisation can do with what the world needs it to do.
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    Deposite to the company official BTC address as stated

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    Your profit grows and when done please remember to cashout your funds

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